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If you love your stories filled with sweet, sexy banter, grumpy heroes, small-town gossip, and the classic 'touch-her-and-you-die' vibes~Then you're in the right place!

Only by You
Prequel: Montgomery Brothers of Montana

Julie Ball dreams of having it all: her career, a family. With her parents pressuring her to give up one to have the other, she wonders if her opinion even matters. Her only choice is to go on a date to appease her overbearing parents. The suitors: a city boy with too-clean shoes her parents chose, or the persistent mountain man whose one-liners make her cringe.From the moment Clayton Montgomery met Julie, he knew they were meant to be. A mountain man with a heart of gold and a streak of cheesy pick-up lines. He’s a blue-collar man and knows what he wants—Julie.So what if his feeble attempts at wooing the studious nurse mean an extra injury or two as an excuse to visit her at the local doctor’s office?Having done all he can to win her heart, his desperation lands him at her front door on a collision course to a first date. It’s Clayton’s only chance to convince Julie they’re soulmates—and a chance at a future Julie’s only dreamed she could have.

Wanted by You
Book One: Montgomery Brothers of Montana

Cassidy ClarkHe’s the biggest jerk in town and the oldest of the Montgomery brothers.Standing tall and built like a chiseled god who could lift a truck, he owns the biggest logging company in Montana. Everyone wants a piece of him—and his wallet.Of course, he’s got that broody, mountain man vibe with a signature smoldering scowl every woman with a pulse wants to pounce on.All except me. I can’t stand him.But when the grouchy logger comes to my aid more than once, I’m left wondering if there’s more to him than the short-tempered coffee addict I thought he was.Now I can’t help wanting a little taste.

Butch Montgomery
She works at the local coffee shop and writes greeting cards. Who even buys cards anymore? She doodles on the to-go cups, whether it’s a flower or a kindhearted message to lift someone’s spirit for the day—I can’t stand it.What’s even more frustrating is she doesn’t do any of it for me. Not since I complained one single time about not wanting a flower drawn on my morning cup of coffee.Yet her smart mouth and stunning smile get me every time. She’s beautiful, but she’ll never want a guy like me.And I don’t blame her. I’m hard to love.So when I get a chance to be her knight in dirty jeans and work boots, I don’t pass up the opportunity to show her how she truly makes me feel.And I’ll do anything to be the lucky man who gets to call her mine.

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Romance. Spice. A touch of real life.

A. Boss proudly proclaims to be a romance enthusiast who just loves love!When she’s not diligently spilling her heart and soul into a Word document, you’ll find her hanging out with her loving husband, two crazy kids, and two sleepy dachshunds!You can follow her on all the social media platforms for updates and sneak peeks at upcoming releases! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram — whatever your poison may be — drop by and say hello!Everyone is welcome in the Boss Babe Universe!

Trigger Warnings for Sensitive Readers!

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Please read responsibly!
These books are intended for ages 18+ and contain adult language, adult themes, and explicit sexual content.

Only by YouThere are NO trigger warnings for this read. :)

Wanted by You-detailed fight scenes (on page)
-domestic violence (mentioned, not on page)
-alcoholic family member seeking treatment (on page)